Ensuring the Jewish Future...Theirs. And Ours.

The Mission of Hillel at The University of Tampa is to enrich the lives of the Jewish students on campus and to positively contribute to the overall UTampa experience for all students.  Every dollar that is contributed to UT Hillel goes directly to supporting this Mission.  We are not asking you to make a gift. We're asking you to make an investment. If you care about the future of the Jewish people, then we ask you to invest in the Hillel at the University of Tampa. Please take a few moments to browse the giving opportunities on this page that will help us provide the best services for our students.  
Thank you for investing in the Jewish Future... Theirs. And Ours

Sunday Morning Bagel Brunch


There's nothing better on a Sunday morning for a college student than a bagel and schmear.  For just $100, you can sponsor a bagel brunch at Hillel for 40 students.  A Bagel Brunch builds the Jewish community on campus and is delicious at the same time.

Bag of Bagels

Shabbat Friend


Sponsor a Shabbat dinner at the University of Tampa.  Join our students and experience what Shabbat is like on campus.  You will be supporting an essential program of Jewish Life and you'll have a great time with our students.

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Passover Seder


If they can't be at home, then the next best place for Jewish students to be on Passover is at Hillel.  A gift of $1,800 will help  make it possible for us to provide a Kosher for Passover Seder for 100 UT .

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General Support

There are a lot of other needs at Hillel, so please don't think you can only support us by sponsoring specific programs. A general contribution of any amount, whether it's $18, $36, $72, or any amount you prefer, always helps us to better serve our students.  Regardless of the amount of your gift, we your support.